Beauty and the Beast

Blog Post created by meWisconsin on Oct 12, 2019


Yesterday while sitting at a stoplight a very beautiful young lady was stopped next to me. She was dressed nice with her hair fixed and driving a very nice BMW. I also noticed a young child in the back seat. Everything looked like she had the perfect life. Then she did something that floored me.


She took a cigarette out of her purse, stuck it between her lips and lit it. It was cold and rainy so I could see that the windows were not rolled down. That poor child in the back seat.

My day was ruined after seeing that because I knew that was me years ago when I was a smoker. Smoking was the only thing that mattered. We didn't care who might be affected by our smoke, we smoked anyway.  I doubt that I will ever forget that beautiful young lady ruining her life. And for what, a cigarette.

Better day today, I hope.