That terrible Demon....the NicoDemon

Blog Post created by mdkrn2001 on Aug 13, 2019

48 years old. Started smoking at 13. Smoking a little over a PPD. Had Chantix from my last intent to quit and was $75/box of Chantix back then, so was NOT going to dispose of them all. Started the Chantix a little over a week ago. Cigarettes started tasting terrible almost immediately, however the longer I smoked with Chantix, the more ‘normal’ the cigarettes started to taste again, so I just quit a week before my quit date because I was afraid the cigarettes would become completely normal even with the Chantix. It’s hard, perhaps the hardest thing I have done. Been quit for 2 full days now. Having major and near constant cravings still. Have to constantly just take deep breaths and focus minute by minute. God give me the strength