Tomorrow Day 3

Blog Post created by maja2 on Jan 3, 2018

Hello everyone!  This is my first post.  I  am  on day two of my quit.  I once  was here 4 years ago and had a quit going. I don't remember what happened but here  I am  again.  I  am ashamed  at myself  for losing so  many quits and having to  start over  but I am happy that  I have  never given up!  

Everything  else I set out to do in my life I make it happen!  I know this is a horrible addiction and it is  the  only thing that  has beaten me and I am sick of it!  I  am not going to let  it happen anymore!  

I really like  this group.  I am also  on a FB group but there are so many of you on here  with  such great advice and Blogs!  I am actually getting hooked on coming here and reading.  

So in past, Day 3 has  always  been difficult so I am planning a nice day tomorrow.  I live in Florida, and please don't laugh but it is  cold here for us!  Highs in low 50s LOL.  So tomorrow I am off work and  I am going to watch movies under the  blanket with my dogs around me. I will get on here early in the day too.  I have hooked up with someone on here and  she  is  just  starting out too so  I look forward to  connecting with her.  I  really feel like I have support here!

Thank you all for being here!