Day 3

Blog Post created by maja2 on Jan 4, 2018

Hello everyone!


I just  finished reading Michelle's post and all of your responses really helped  me too.  


This morning I slept in late and then jumped on  here and then took the dogs for a walk.  I have had  lots of smoking thoughts! I have  been meditating more recently so I am going to do that  now.  I  find that it  helps to say to myself, I  am healthy happy and smoke free, when I meditate.  Then I will exercise.  And come back here  later.  


I definitely have the  withdraw symptom of not being able to concentrate.  I  read Nancy's post about the symptoms which I am very familiar with from past quits!


I am trying to  focus on what  I love so far about not smoking and one of the main things is that  I can smell things!  Like when I go  outside it is so nice  to smell the earth!  I can also smell my essential oil diffuser and my Scentsy warmers! 


I hope everyone is staying safe and warm.   See you later!