My journey to freedom and a new life

Blog Post created by lvs2rock on Sep 29, 2018

Wow! Checking in after a long hiatus. I have been smoke free since the day I quit, 6/8/2013. There have been some issues with cravings along the way, but I can honestly say it does get easier every single day. I keep remembering the "Just say no!" campaign from the mid 80's, I believe it was. Just say no is the one phrase that has come to mind many a time I get a craving. At this point, if I do get one now it  is extremely rare, I ask myself what is that all about. I say no! It generally occurs with the changing of the seasons. 


Now when I go near smokers, I get sick to my stomach and feel like I am going to get sick. I cannot stand the smell of it. When strangers who smoke come within 10-15 feet of me, I can smell it like I am right next to them, that is no joke. The sight and smell of a cigarette absolutely disgusts me to my core.


This community helped me find the strength within myself to keep going strong. I was held up when I was down and for every time I missed the mark (before the last day as a smoker), I was never berated, made to feel guilty or ashamed. Instead I was uplifted, reassured and helped to get back on that ride to freedom. 


I went through a divorce, moved out on my own for the first time in my entire life and while having health issues, I made it through to the other side. As soon as I crossed over, it felt like I had never smoked. Weird, right? I went cold turkey. That last day, I went through I don't know how many packs. When they say if you smoke again you get back on the quit wagon. I figured out (for me) that when they say stop smoking again right away doesn't mean the next day, next week and so on. It means then, as soon as you extinguish it. I destroyed the rest of the pack. Every time that it got too hard that day, I went to the gas station and got another pack. One pack only. I smoked less on the next pack. That happened so many times THAT DAY until I stopped going back to get another. With each pack, I smoked less. I flooded my body with lemon water for three days. I drank it non stop to rid the toxins and speed up the withdrawal phase. I spent the next three days with terrible cravings, shakes, chills, sweats and pain. I felt like Linda Blair in The Exorcist lol I am pretty sure I understand what a heroine addict might go through. Then late on the third day, it was weird. I felt like Dorothy walking out of her house into the land of Oz. All the withdrawal symptoms were gone. I could think clearly and felt like I had never smoked a day in my life. Mind you, I was not in any way shape or form without cravings coming back and many were intense, to say the least. With each one I just said NO! out loud lol People musta thought I was nuts but I did not care. I also kept coming back to my family here even if just to read the boards. I also found that hanging out with ex smokers helped immensely. I did not want to repeat that living hell ever again.


I don't recommend what I did, I am not a medical practitioner. This is what worked for me. I do recommend reading the book Easy Way To Stop Smoking by Allan Carr. I found it when I was looking for tips and tricks  for quitting smoking. It is available for free download all over the web. It took me like 4 times to read it for it all to sink in. 

I gained 20 pounds from this and I still struggle with the weight but I always did have weight issues, smoking or not. Thank you thyroid!

Anyhow, Please do not give up! You can do it! I know everyone says you can do it, I did. In all seriousness, you really can quit for good.

Hugs all!


From the late, great George Harrison....