They gave me some pills to quit smoking...

Blog Post created by luisdeleon619 on Oct 18, 2017

They gave me some pills to quit smoking on October on a second that was on Monday to quit smoking my doctor told me keep smoking for 7 or 9 with pills he told me it’s for Control my nicotine craving he told me I can smoke for 7 to 9 days I thought he was crazy but I called the pharmacy they told me the same thing is for controlling my nicotine craving I said OK no problem I call the pharmacy OK again and ask him again in front of my friend because my friend thought I was stupid and crazy the bill does not have nicotine I am allergic to nicotine patches

I quit on February 1 of 2017 for three months and I started again then I quit again on October Thursday the fourth but my real Quit smoking date is October 14, 2017 at seven in the morning

It’s been 11 hours and 55 minutes without no cigarettes and I feel fine I don’t understand why my brother don’t quit he smokes a pack a day maybe two packs today that $10 they call Newport‘s you really want to know why I quit because my father doctor talk oxygen test on my father because he was coughing then I went outside to smoke a cigarette and when I came back I started coughing a lot he gave me the test my oxygen level was between 20% to 30% he told me if I keep smoking I’ll be using oxygen

Did anybody heard double time is cigarettes They are like cigars
They are like $1.86 and the cartons are $18 dollars I was to buy two of them they cost $33 I just spent $100 each for Carton Newport
On October 2 I found out my father passed away

October 6 2017 at 9 am 2017 8 AM was my father funeral.