The End is Here

Blog Post created by luisalgomez on Nov 16, 2017

I have smoked since I was 15. At 21 I told myself that at 30 I would stop. At 30 I told myself that the next year I would stop. I am 33 now and only God knows how many times I have tried to quit. I am quitting for my sons, I am quitting for the child that is currently in my wife's womb, I am quitting because my mother has begged me too for so many years, I am quitting because the estimated $200.00 a month I spend on cigarettes can go to so many other useful things. I am quitting for my elevated heart rate, shortness of breath, and foul odor. I am quitting for my wife, for my life and for my future. The end is here and I am excited. It is the end but it is also the beginning. A new smoke free life. It will not be easy, I know very well, but I am in control now and will succeed.