another casualty

Blog Post created by lqsi12 on Apr 3, 2019

Well another day of checkups, yesterdays went well I think, still waiting for the blood test results, Doc wanted to do a Low Dose CT scan and EKG but suggested wait till next year for medicare to kick in.  Dentist today and another crown bites the dust soon.  Cannot stress enough to newbi's especially the younger ones, what a toll on your mouth smoking makes.  Numerous ( at least 6, I've lost count, root canals ) 6 crowns that I remember, very close to having periodontal disease several times, ( that helped many a short term quit, till I caved to the craves )  So the Monday after Easter, I lose this fine remains of my roots ??  and in goes a implant for another sort of chewing vessel. If only I had listened, to what I first learned at my very first smoking cessation classes in 1985.  Take note youngins' this is one of the lesser evils of smokin.