getting there  

Blog Post created by lqsi12 on Mar 2, 2019

 Hello everyone, thanks so much for being here, your stories, griefs and grieving have really helped me along !  At this point I feel like I can do this, but I do know how tricky life and smoking are.  So even though its been less than 50 days it is the best I have felt compared to my other quits.  Being more focused on my well being, not allowing distractions from others, and following here has been so much help.  Strange things have occurred this time around to than I have not experienced in the past, such as insomnia for much longer than before, over 35 days, but now back to normal sleep pattern.  My blood pressure has spiked, and has not returned to normal yet, I find that odd because i am eating healthier too.  My tasting abilities didn't change that much, but my sense of smell has.  

     My confidence is very high this time around, at this age I feel fortunate I'm somewhat heathy and looking forward to increasing my progress with my physical activity.  So thanks all for being here, expressing what ever you have or can, even if you don't think what you have written can help, it so does !