I slipped... and I feel horrible about it.

Blog Post created by lisetterai on Aug 4, 2019

yesterday was my birthday and i’ve been on a mini vacation in Orlando and I slipped... and ended up getting another pack of Juul pods... I have one in my juul right now, but I just made the decision to throw the rest away... which is good. but for some reason i’m still holding onto the juul and i don’t know why. already i feel anxious and my heart rate is up, and i just need support in getting back on track. i went 9 days without it, and i know i can do it again. but as of right now i just need the push and help to get back on my journey to being nicotine free. I feel bad for making the decision to waste money on more. but i know i can do it. i just want to be free and feel normal again. I am making the decision to throw the last one out as i write this because how i feel right now is ridiculous.