1 day 15 hours quit struggling

Blog Post created by lisagbsn on Mar 26, 2017

I really wants to go bye a pack a cigs! I'm ripping everyone apart. I'm pretty sure I don't even like myself right now. I've been on 5 walks today. Trying to stay busy. The anger is worse today than yesterday. My addiction is talking to me. It's trying to convince me to work hard all day on not smoking and we will reward ourselves with a cig tonight. What the hell! It sounds convincing! Then I think no no no! Where the hell is this coming from! I want to quit! I want to feel better! Then an hour later that voice comes back! I'm pretty sure I need to name my addiction, cause he certainty sounds like a person.  He's frustrating! I was at the store today and all I could hear I'm my head was BYE A PACK OF CIGS! I just wanted to cover my ears and yell stop talking to me! Yup I'm loosing it.