Quit Date 03/25/17 Anxiety

Blog Post created by lisagbsn on Mar 9, 2017

I had to reset my quit date.  My initial quit date was 03/04/17.  I THOUGHT I had all my bases covered.  Had my reasons for quitting written down, had plan of action for boredom and little stresses.  I read Allen Carr's Easy Way to Quit Smoking.  I was armed with my Nicotine lozenges and a treadmill that was ready to go!  Had huge support from family too!  I was excited when I woke up ready to get my first day under my belt!  I was happy I was quitting!  I found myself a little irritated through the day, but really nothing I couldn't handle.  Then what seemed out of no where, I was in a full blown panic attack!  I first thought I was having a heart attack!  Finally realized what it was, breathed into a bag and was able to get back under control.  Kept going through my day.  Had another one that night and the following day.  I finally couldn't take anymore and had a cigarette.  I haven't had another panic attack since I started smoking again.  I know this is my brain go against me.  I realize this.  However, I reset my quit date, set an appointment with my doctor so I could figure out what to do with this!  Has anyone ever experienced this during quitting?  I'm excited to start my quit, but really have to deal with the panic attacks.  And please, for those who say you need to deep breath so they won't happen, when I say this literally came out of no where, I am not kidding.  I was laughing and playing with my grandson when it hit.  Had no indication until I was well into it.  Now I'm a leery of my next quit date.