Ninth Day and a Family Affair

Blog Post created by linkinkohl02 on Sep 10, 2018

I live in Pennsylvania. We have had a humid, rainy, miserable second half of the summer. Anyone who has social media has probably seen the flooding we've been having. This weekend, though, we had the privelege of having a taste of COOL WEATHER!


I was born in late summer and had always enjoyed summer because hey, no school! Now, as an adult, even though it makes my allergies go nuts, I just love fall. I love the leaves falling, I love hoodies, I love having a warm comforter on my bed. I love.... LOVE... Halloween. Not the blood and guts stuff. Bats. Ghosts. Black cats. Witches.


What also happens around this time of the year, however, is family get togethers. Both of my parents smoke, as does my stepmom, and my sister. Her boyfriend is a vaper and very self righteous about it, which irks me to no end, like it's any better (not that I look down in it, he's just a douche). I was at my first family get together on Saturday. I felt a little left out of the 'clique', but I didn't feel like I was missing anything, especially when they came back in from outside (holy stinky). The most frustrating for me was that we were playing a family game (Cards Against Humanity FTW!) and we kept having to stop so they could go out for 'just a puff.' I guess I never realized how something I chose to do hindered everyone else until I became the everyone else. I didn't complain about anything except that it was every half hour - I'm terrified of becoming a righteous ex-smoker.


The rest of the weekend was uneventful. I spent yesterday lounging around in a hoodie cuddling with my husband, and later while he was sleeping (he works 3rd shift) I worked a little on a painting I'm doing for one of my mom's cousins.


Tiger Lily


I don't have much more to say than this at the moment. Things are progressively getting better. I'm 9 days in and only really get an urge to smoke when I'm doing something I previously associated with smoking. I'm not really using my mints, my harmless cigarette, toothpicks, or gum so much anymore. 


Until next time!