"Every of the time." ~Kevin Malone

Blog Post created by linkinkohl02 on Sep 6, 2018

I wanted to make it a habit to get on here and post every night, but I didn't get to last night. I also got home late tonight, so this one will likely be short.


I don't want to go into depth about it because this isn't a therapy session, but one of my parents asked me for money for the second time in a week (after buttering me up on my birthday). The only time I hear from them is when they need something, hence the blog title. So, that's why I was unable to get on last night, due to the impending confrontation. EVERY OF THE TIME. Moving on.


Before we go any further, I have a disclaimer: I love The Office. I use humor as a way of coping with everything in my life. I am the sad clown in my world. I love to make other people laugh, and it's my preference over confrontation. Lucky for me, even though my humor is sometimes screwed up, most people find it funny. I even have very few close friends who share the same humor.  In the words of Dr. Seuss:




My work life is also basically The Office, but much less funny and much more like talking to a wall. The good news is through all of it, I haven't once slipped and had any nicotine. I have most certainly voiced my desire for a cigarette with a lot of 4 letter words to describe my feelings at the time, but I'm okay with it. This is my first cold turkey experience. I bought some cinnamon mints today, and I think so far they're my favorite thing. I've also found that talking to my non-smoking co-workers about it helps. I asked them yesterday what normal people do to deflate, trying to describe my angst. Then I realize these people are the reason I need to deflate, and my banner picture is basically my face at work every day for the past five years.


Just over 5 days in. Huzzah.