Blog Post created by linda.mustafa on Aug 4, 2017

Hello ExFamily , I hope that everyone is doing well and that you are all enjoying the summer .

I haven't been here in a while , so today I've decided to write a few words of encouragement for the people who are starting their journey of liberating themselves of the poisonous addiction.

First of all , congratulations on taking the decision and steps to do so .

The hardest part is staying accountable to yourself and this can only be done by YOU staying determined,positive and willing to continue YOUR QUIT no matter WHAT , no matter the pain , no matter the craving , no matter the sadness , no matter the happiness, no matter the heartbreak, NO MATTER ...Ultimately everything depends on how you will deal and react to situations in your life and that choice will either make or break your QUIT .

I'm emphasising YOU for a reason because ultimately it is YOU who is responsible , it is YOU who will take the information and advice here and live it daily .

Only YOU can succeed, be wise and stay strong .

Today marks my beautiful 3Years and 4months of being free of poison and addiction -that's 1217.474 days after the first day , the first week , the first month of where you are now , so you see it can be done , because I've applied everything I'm asking you to do , to the letter and No it wasn't easy at times as a lot of my friends here know but it was absolutely worth it and I'm proud of every second of it .

It is  ME who is doing it who's traveling the journey and it is YOU doing the same -Keep GOING .


Wishin all of you the very best 

Linda 1217DOF