Three beautiful smoke free Years ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

Blog Post created by linda.mustafa on Apr 4, 2017

Good morning EX Family , I hope you are all well and in good spirits.

Today I'm celebrating three wonderful smoke free years and it feels great .

Thinking of  where I've been in terms of the quitting process and where I am now I can strongly say that it's been a learning enriching and self discovery journey in so many ways .

I grew wiser and stronger each day to the realities and consequences of the addiction, listening to the advices , reading and gaining as much knowledge as possible and also changing the ways I lived each day and faced each event good or bad.

Positivity is the KEY -my positive mindset helped me in every step and my focused mindset is why I'm here today sharing this with you.

I made so many friends here , some extremely helpful and few not so much however I always took what's good for me and left the rest .

I've also lost a dear friend Fannie ( god bless her soul) that I loved very much because despite her struggles she had a great sense of humour and each day forward is a day that I gift to her too because I know how much she was proud of me for being strong and never giving up.


I would like to thank all my friends here and you all know who you are for the continuous encouragement and support , for your respect and love shown throughout my journey .




To the newbies -Please please please , never give up because it's worth it and you'll feel so much better for doing so , be patient in your journey , gain strength and positivity by learning , practising mindfulness, establish a mindset that will allow you to move forward and reach your goal ever day .


Wishing you the very best and a great day , greetings from LONDON 


Linda 3YOF