This is it!

Blog Post created by lbfree on May 12, 2017

At this point I can't even count how many relapses I've had trying to free myself from cigarette smoking. My breathing is very difficult and I have to do this asap for my quit date is in two days, after the weekend. I have COPD and I would love to hear from others who successfully quit with COPD as to how much easier it is to breath.  I really need to hear this as a motivator because I often light up after the thought that quitting doesn't really matter because I have already damaged my lungs and my breathing won't improve.  I know I am telling myself lies to continue smoking so please, if you have had success and improved breathing I would really love to hear about it.  It will make it easier to stop lying to myself if REAL people can show me the benefit vs. medical professionals.  I have a tough time believing anything medical professionals tell me without questioning their motivation. I am happy to have found this site today and would love to make a few supportive friends here.  I am hoping to be a support for someone else real soon.