Desperately need to stop!

Blog Post created by lanerobin65 on Mar 30, 2020

Hello everybody.  Hope you're all doing well on your journey to becoming a nonsmoker.  I'm 62 yrs old live in a small town in NC. I'm a cashier in a grocery store.  I live with my chiuauaha "baby". I've been a smoker since I was 12-16. Never really took quitting seriously until the last couple of years and even more so the last 6 months. Diagnosed with copd at 34 but never saw a pulmonary dr. In the last 5 yrs I've been hospitalized 4 times with pneumonia and flu/pneumonia last time. I'm also diabetic. I'm not whining I'm just wanting you guys to know how serious this is so you all can remind me how serious it is when I'm weak. Anyway something has changed for the worst with my breathing since Christmas.  I wheeze and have shortness of breath all the time. I've been on steroids and inhalers and antibiotics but they don't seem to help much. I have a nebulizer and all the paraphernalia an old smoker collects, patches chantix (makes me throw up) gum etc.Up until this past year I could still walk 1-3 miles in an hour and work out in the yard strenuously without too much trouble but not anymore.  I mean I still try. Smoking is taking my peace from me. It makes me sad when I light a cigarette these days. Of course I'm still doing it and suffering those feelings. I am serious about quitting.  Thank y'all in advance for anything you can share to help. Hope I didn't bore you guys to much