Smoking is killing me

Blog Post created by kt6256322 on Aug 17, 2020

My whole pregnancy I was unable to stop smoking. I didn’t have the support I needed from my partner. He just told me he’d be mad if the baby had problems after he was born from smoking. Well needless to say there where problems. He came out not breathing. I felt so guilty. My son my precious baby was not breathing for 1 1/2 minutes. He was okay thank god. The lasting effects were nicotine with draw he was very fussy and upset all of the time. That day he was born was the day I stopped smoking but I had my own set of complications after returning home I got preclampsia. My blood pressure went up. My legs swelled and I returned to the hospital in the middle of the 2020 pandemic. Previous health history of having a stroke after my first child I was scared. And on the brink of the unknown. 24 hours of medication and another day of observation. My swelling went down. My blood pressure returned to normal. And I was reunited with my baby boy after two days. I still did not return to smoking. Then we got a phone call to pick up my step son to come live with us. That added a lot of stress. He needed a lot of attention and help gaining the skills to live a normal life after being in foster care for almost a year. From neglect and abuse. This is when I started smoking again. And haven’t been able to quit since. It’s been three months now I’ve been smoking again. And my health is in poor condition. I need to quit before I end up in the hospital again away from my boys.