Quitting Habit

Blog Post created by kkay24 on Jul 11, 2019

My quit day was 06/30/19.  It was the third try at quitting this time around.  I was visiting my daughters out of state when one of them asked me if I stopped smoking.  I told her I did then she asked me if it was for good.  Wow!  She does know me well.  I often say that I don't have a smoking habit, I have a quitting habit.  I have been down this road many times before as my family knows.  I need this to be my last time.  I am not getting any younger and my health is not changing for the better.  I have too many risk factors to complicate my health as I continue to live.  Yes, I want to live.  So, I have 11 days of not smoking behind me.  Funny thing.  I set my quit day around my scheduled colonoscopy.  As a result, I did not have the constipation I usually get this quit time.  LOL!  I am taking Chantix and it does help with the anxiety.  I could never do the patches as they wired me up too much and I did not want a nicotine replacement to get hooked on.  I am not having the "bad dreams" everyone is afraid of with the Chantix.  I just remember more of my dreams now when I wake up.  I have gotten over most of my triggers but I still have the mid afternoon anxiety.  I basically let the stress build up at work so that is what I am working on now.  Today is a new day.  I have saved around $78 and 1.26 days of my life.  #NOPE