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Blog Post created by kirkschultz on Feb 1, 2018

I get it I am not very creative but I thought I would try this. I am having a really hard time getting jump started on my quit. My original date was last Saturday 1/27 I did really good the 1st two days and fell off the bus. I had been using the patches  two of them actually the 21mg and 7mg supplemented with lozenges . The part of the day that is more dificult for me is 1st thing in the morning. I am an early riser 4am yes 4am. I am going to give this another try this weekend if I can figure a way to get over the hump 1st thing in the morning does any one have any suggestions. I do not get why this has to be so difficult I have been smoking for 40+ years and it has really effected my breathing. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am not one to share this type of stuff but I thought I would give it a try.