8 weeks down

Blog Post created by kenfree77 on Apr 22, 2018

Over 1000 cigarettes not smoked and nearly $850 not wasted (on cigarettes....I wont say I didn't waste the money on other things...LOL)


I'm feeling really whiny this morning.  I'm not feeling triggered, nor would I say that I'm having cravings.  But I'm trying really hard to NOT do all of this work I have to do, since I spent all day yesterday working too.  I forgot how much time I was able to waste by smoking and avoid doing things.  Now, I have to really acknowledge that I'm procrastinating and not getting things done, instead of saying, "But I need a smoke first" or "Just one more and I'll start" or "I'll do these 5 report cards, and then have a cigarette break"   So, I feel like something is escape from reality.


I'm not really sure why I'm even writing this, because my quit honestly couldn't be going better.  But I know that I'll have another round of report cards in the middle of June when I'm toward the end of No Man's Land, and I guess I want this out there so that I don't get frustrated or cocky or whatever that feeling is that starts driving a person toward "I can have just one"   If I'm not legitimately thinking about it now, there's no reason that with another 2 months under my belt I should have that feeling.  So there it is.  Checking myself in advance.


Aside from that, I have 12 more days with nicotine in my system before I'm totally cleared out (9 more 7mg patches and then the 3 days for it to be totally out of my system).  I'm somewhere in my top 5 longest quits at this point, but I've tried to quit so many times I can't remember the length of any except my longest (which is still the only one besides this one that I didn't cheat at all).


Guess I've procrastinated long enough.  Going to have some breakfast and then force myself to get some work done.  Maybe I'll reward myself with a walk, since it isn't freezing cold and/or raining out today...


Cheers all!