The Gift    To Quit

Blog Post created by kaylorbabi8 on May 2, 2018

              The gift to quit is your own motivation your own force of energy to no longer give in to temptations and desires of empty fulfillment’s by puffing on something so dangerous and tempting. Growing up as a young girl I’d never imagine that I would be smoking let alone, trying to quit smoking! Imagine that! Me as a young girl wishing and hoping to someday be grown or “old” enough to hold those sticks the grown ups seemed to be so crazy about. When that promising day finally came, I would not for one moment in my life forget! Seventeen not yet quite eighteen handling my first cigarette and like most young girls, my favorite spot would be glued to the mirror watching my reflection as she would lift the cigarette to her lips, drag on it, and slowly blow it out of her nose! Yeah sweet memories but now it has become well irritating! I didn’t know or think or recall the grown ups back in the day ever hardly complain about those “sticks” I couldn’t have because of my age. In fact, they seemed to not only enjoy it but find it comforting no wonder I was in such a hurry to explore the vapes of a cigarette. It’s been nine years and I’m now twenty five ready to give up my habit once and for all regardless of side effects and withdrawal symptoms. I’m so ready to be free of “Smoke    “. I’ve made a commitment overnight to quit cold turkey or at least tempt to but if symptoms become unbearable I will be turning to Nicorette gum, I hope you all find comfort and the right routine to change behavioral patterns that may influence a trigger. Wish me luck