Tired of being a smoker!

Blog Post created by katherynquit2018 on Mar 17, 2018

 oohhh how i yearn to be a non smoking  citizen!

 am so tired of being a smoker !!...  it's the hardest thing to quit  but it can be done .. this I know !

  I've managed to quit  for like four days but stress from life has made me stray ...   I started when i was 16 today i am 34 my twin girls beg me to stop and i say " No more I promise No more " i smoke more when i drink than the next day my throats pain leaves me regretting my weak ways . I just want to be healthy  live longer days to enjoy my family  everyday , am scared .... so scared of getting throat cancer or anything  that would affect my health .. I just wish i had more support , i wish  for a way out , I would ran so fast through that no smoking zone  but everywhere i turn the help is zippo, nada , nothing ... am left all alone ... has anyone felt the same way am sure they have but I am really serious when i say i want a way out !

 today i am buying nicotine gum , patches and everything else ..  am ready to break free from this life sucking energy drenching  cancerous routine ... "I want to live , i want to live "!!! I am done with killing me ... Ive been slowly killing my self ... how sad .. how stupid of me!!... Now i have to reverse all the damage of done to my  body .. I'ts so sad how did i ever think that smoking defined me !  life sucking  cancer sticks STAY AWAY FROM MEE!