Falling Down and Getting Up

Blog Post created by katherineu on Sep 28, 2017

I haven't been on here for a while and that is because I started smoking again.  I am looking at my calendar and choosing to quit within the next few days.  I am really frustrated that I used an excuse to smoke. 

If anyone is looking for an excuse to smoke, here is a tip:

I have to start over again, I went five months smoke free and now I'm back at square one.  It is a setback but I don't give up.

My mother died two months ago, she was only 58 and a smoker, she had heart disease, CAD, and diabetes and smoked until the day she died.  This is a wake up call because I don't think smokers (speaking for myself) realize that you will die from an illness, disease or cancer due to smoking.  

I hope to be back on track SOON and counting my smoke free days, those were my warrior months because I realized I am stronger than the cigarette addiction.

Please pray for me, I need all the moral support I can get from all you ex smokers.

God Bless !!