Blog Post created by katherineu on May 8, 2017

So I am coming up on FOUR MONTHS OF being smoke free.  I am so thankful that I have not had one puff since I tossed my cigarettes away back in Jan.

Whenever I do have a craving or a thought it comes and goes rather quickly from my mind and I am truly grateful for that.

I decided to go to the bar with a friend for Cinco de Mayo, I haven't been to a bar in YEARS, I nursed two beers and never once thought of a cigarette.  If bars still allowed smoking then I would have told my friend no way.  Here in Texas, smoking is banned in all public places!

I finally started to lose a little weight and I am extremely happy about this because for months I have just cried and had pity parties over the 15 pounds I have gained.  I am a woman, I know the scale does not rule my life but I have never been overweight and its difficult to accept this is my new body for now, I do know its only temporary and I have changed up my exercise and nutrition plan.

I want to thank everyone who has reached out to me and your moral support has meant the world to me.  It has literally saved me from walking out the door to by  pack of cigarettes during some of the moodiest days I had to endure.  

Being smoke free for months has shown me that I can change my behavior pattern, its called self discipline, right!  It makes me more determined to say N.O.P.E because I hold this near and dear to my heart!

God Bless, have a great evening.