Nicotine Withdrawal

Blog Post created by karenjones on Mar 9, 2019

In one week from today I will have my year one anniversary of not having a cigarette.  I remember like yesterday how horrible I felt the first 3 months of not smoking. The first day, the first week. And when i remember what it felt like I can feel the nicotine receptors in my brain light up, ha ha, but they are not going to get any nicotine. I remember how it felt when I ran out of cigarettes and had to go to the store to get cigarettes. i would smoke one on the way home.  A true addict.


I am still an addict, one who doesn't smoke.  I think of my lost teenage hood, smoking , as a young woman, smoking, getting older smoking.  I don't smoke anymore, but recently I have been thinking about nicotine. What a drug. What a drug. Thank God I no longer smoke.  I no longer smoke.  It takes so little to become a slave to addiction. But my life depends on N.O.PE.  I come here to get reminded of N.O.P.E and I see people here on day one or day 3 or day 11 and my heart goes out to them.  i've been there and it is not pretty.  So , as my one year anniversary comes up, I feel like weeping in gratitude.  I no longer smoke. Thank God I will never have to go through nicotine withdrawal again.