Nodules on Vocal Chords

Blog Post created by karenjones on Feb 27, 2019

  Just feeling very weepy tonight. I come from a large family, which is getting smaller, I am tearful to say. My brother died just before Christmas of lung cancer from smoking, my sister died at 48 from breast cancer, one brother committed suicide.  My family gets smaller and smaller. Now my sister told me that she has nodules on her vocal chords from smoking.  We all smoked but slowly gave it up, my sibs, after i had cancer of my mouth from smoking and there were my brother who died from cancer and my sister who persisted.  The sunny side of all this is that my sister wants to quit. I am very happy about that. Very very happy.  I just hope that she is able to do that before the cancer kills her.  and anyone reading this, that is my hope for you as well that you are able to quit before the cancer kills you.