Get to Know Your Addict

Blog Post created by karenjones on Jan 4, 2019

Often on this site, I hear newbies say things like 'I really enjoy smoking'. This tells me that

1) the writer is not self aware about smoking and their own smoking behaviour

2) particularly;  they cannot at the moment separate their own voice from the voice of the addict.  learning to do so is like a education in self awareness.

My addict is depressed (I also think that cigarettes make people depressed ) and tries to convince me that , if I have just one drag on a cigarette I will feel better.  My addict is lots of things. How do you characterize your addict, what is your addict like besides the eternal neediness. ?

In Buddhist cosmology there is the realm of the Hungry Ghost, this ghost  has a huge belly which needs to be filled and the mouth is like a pin hole so even thought the ghost eats all the time, it is always hungry.  My addict is alot like that. I should say was. it is still around, but I  am so lucky that I am not at the beck and call of that Hungry Ghost. anymore.  or at least it is not as persistent or nagging, has it changed? No. but I have.  I don't smoke anymore. Smoking is not an option.