No Way about It

Blog Post created by karenjones on Dec 30, 2018

No way about it, quitting smoking is damn hard. Damn hard. I am retired so I devoted my whole effort to quitting, even if it meant sleeping the day away, it meant , at least, that I wasn't smoking. But lots of people can't do that and get up early morning , without a cigarette, in the dark, without a cigarette and have a cup of tea, without a cigarette, and go to work , without a cigarette and work with co-workers who are mean and nasty, without a cigarette and come home to maybe yelling kids and a husband who is on permanent disability and smokes and do all of this without a cigarette. These persons are true hero's in their own lives..  This is a tribute to them in their lonliness and hard work at quitting smoking. I'm saying a prayer for you all. May you hang on to your quit, spring is not far around the corner and if you are quitting now by then you will have it almost busted. But no way about it, it is a difficult thing to do.