In the Bleak Midwinter

Blog Post created by karenjones on Dec 28, 2018

The major thing that happened in 2018, my brother died from vaping. He was 54. I've cried alot of tears over that, he was 54. An unnecessary death from vaping.  In March of this year he had most of one lung removed, 2 vertebrae and 4 ribs removed.  He could never get comfortable after that.  i am really not sure why people with advanced, agressive cancers choose to have horrid surgeries performed and to have both chemo and radiation  when it just prolongs the agony. When you have lung cancer and it moves to the bones it stimulates the osteoclast cells, this is the cell type that breaks down bones (osteoblasts build up bone). When bone is broken down it releases calcium into the blood stream where it overwhelms the bodys membrane potential (one of the ways that electricity is managed in the body) by flooding all systems with calcium and you have a heart attack and die, yes, you have a heart attack and die. That is how lung cancer kills you.  My brother chose to die this way. He chose cigarette addiction rather than to be with his daughter and her two young sons. My brother.... not the sharpest pencil in the box. And now a dead pencil. The other major thing that happened in 2018, was, that after quitting cigarettes for 5 years, I started again in the middle of 2017, and quit again in March of 2018. boy was that hard.  I never want to go tthrough that again.  My wish for 2019 is that I hope I can convince one person , just one to quit smoking. , I am so sorry that it could not have been my brother.