The Gift that Cigarettes Give

Blog Post created by karenjones on Nov 23, 2018

My brother, who is ten years younger than me and who lives about 2,500 miles away, went into hospice yesterday.  In March of this year he had most of one lung, 2 ribs and 2 vertebrae removed and replaced with carborundum vertebrae. Lung cancer. Since that time he has been in massive pain all the time, there is no position he can be comfortable in and he has also had seizures for most of his life and that hasn't helped. We are part of a large and dysfunctional family, and that hasn't helped. My brother is 55, he has a partner of 25 years and a daughter who is a single Mom with two young boys who call him Poppy. There are lots of tears in my family now. This is the gift that cigarettes give. Tears. and Death.  My young neice smokes, so time to start seriously working on her to quit smoking. In a nice way. Any ideas? Please?