Cinema Shame and Blame and Name or Shame on You Nichole Kidman

Blog Post created by karenjones on Nov 5, 2018

I recently watched a film with Nicole Kidman and a famous Irish actor, name slips my memory . It is called 'Killing the Sacred Deer'. What a piece of shiet. Firstly the father is a cardiac surgeon (who smokes) the protaganist a young kid also smokes and asks the daughter 'can I smoke in your bedroom?' and she says 'YES, if you open the window, he does and proceeds to tell her how he got addicted (he is 16). Anyway, she ends up getting addicted and even Nichole Kidman really smokes in this movie. It is like an advertisement for smoking, even the surgeon friend of the father smokes. I sincerely wonder how much the  tobacco industry paid to have this movie produced. Shame on Nicole Kidman for appearing in this film and shame on Colin Ferrel for smoking in this film as well. These films, like this, you probably know some too, glamorize smoking. Share your Cinema Shame and Blame and Name here. I'll start... Shame on you Nicole Kidman.