Stop Blaming Your Spouse

Blog Post created by karenjones on Oct 27, 2018

I am not married or have a partner or any of that stuff because I am more comfortable being my own boss, but I know lots of you out there in Ex- vill are coupled. And some of you who are trying to quit, or thinking alot about quitting have identified fighting with spouse or disagreements with spouse as 'triggers' for smoking.  Well, I am here to say one thing about that......GET OVER IT.  Stop blaming your spouse. He\She is not going out, getting a pack of cigarettes, opening them, putting them in your mouth and holding a lighter up to the cigarette in your mouth and sucking air through it to light it and draw that acrid hot acidic smoke into your mouth, throat, and lungs.  Take responsibility for your own actions, grow up and stop blaming your spouse!  How do you like those potatoes?  Stop blaming your spouse.