Mercy for the Children

Blog Post created by karenjones on Oct 14, 2018

Definitely alot of people talk about depression when they are giving up cigarettes. Truth be told these same people would probably have told you they were depressed when they smoked. If they thought back to their early lives and when they started smoking they would probably tell you it was associated with puberty, another time in their lives when they were 'depressed'. Maybe their mothers smoked when they were pregnant and were also depressed. These people who say they suffer depression when quit smoking  may have had one of their  first post birth experiences  withdrawing from nicotine.  Imagine the nicotine receptors growing in that young brain. I'm sure the scientific world has done experiments on rats, dogs, monkeys, mice, gerbils and hamsters injecting nicotine into pregnant animals then killing  them all, all, kit and kaboodle, mother and children,  making microscope slides of the brains of the fetuses. To see if nicotine crossed the placenta into the baby, from the mothers .  And then as babies and young children they were surrounded by adults who were constantly smoking. Smoking was thought of as a 'rite of passage'. A journey into adulthood, grownups smoked cigartetts and a badge of being grown up was to be seen smoking. Smoking makes people depressed and once addicted, which many smokers were, at birth, the only way these young people knew how to treat depression (withdrawal symptoms) was to have a cigarette. i am so sad that we can't teach youngsters a better way. But we all know , and we are all ex-smokers, that there is a better way. But you can't put an old head on young shoulders. Still it hurts me to the core to see young people vaping or smoking. I wonder whether the Truth Initative could make a special program to educate youngsters?  i really do not think they recieve any education in schools in this regard. And we are letting them down. they deserve to know