A flat tire in a parking lot during the freezing Rain.

Blog Post created by karenjones on Mar 26, 2018

I started reading this book called "Never Take Another Puff" and am really enjoying it. It is so funny and common sense too. Here is an exerpt

'In everyday life inherent problems exist. Work, family,friends, and money can all contrbute to daily distress. Ex-smokers often think that i fthey just take a cigarette during a stressful episode the situation will be solved. For

example, consider a person who finds he has a  flat tire in a parking lot during a freezing rain. When encountering this kind of misfortune, the ex-smoker's first reaction often is,"I need a cigarette." What will actually solve this problem is changing the tire, and driving off in a warm car. What would a cigarette do to help this situation? It only makes the person see the flat tire longer and freeze more. This adds up to greater frustration. The first puff will probably reinforce the addiction to cigarettes which is a much greater crisis than the flat tire ever was. In fact, taking the first puff almost always results in a bigger problem than the crisis that "caused" them to take the puff. Even in a real catastrophe, such as a death in the family, injuries, illnesses, flooding resulting in major property loss, bankruptcy and so on, a cigarette will not solve the problem. It will just add another major problem to the originally bad situation. Remember, smoking cannot solve problems of daily living.  http://whyquit.com/joel/ntap.pdf