Back in the USA

Blog Post created by karen-lane on Feb 28, 2019

Hi Everyone


It has been some time since I was here


Since then a lot has happened,  some of you knew where I was from and living,  most of the new people here won't.


I was in Iran for a long time, I am not Iranian, my husband was,  I have 2 sons.

People who know me also know that I went through a  lot of things during my time of quitting.   


Well the new news is we have returned to the states,  we landed here in November,  living in RI with my nephew right now, we all have jobs, and I have taken a CNA course and will be taken the test for my license the 14th of March.


We all got our driving licenses, well we got permits lol,  one of my sons went to the driving part and got his real license.


so we have started a new life and new adventures.   It is has not been easy,  it was very difficult for us to leave emotionally,  leaving my house (which I still didn't sell and am renting it out), all my cats, my hermit way of life, my older son really missed his family and friends there.   It was time to go, my sons would have had to go into the military, it is the law that all men must serve,  so now they can't go back for a very long time.  My younger son doesn't care and is glad to be here


All in all it is ok, the longer we are here and the more we start to get on our feet, the better I feel,  I am looking forward to finding an apartment for us now and having our own place


We arrived with 6 large suitcases,  I left my whole life there as did my sons,  I did manage to take all of my photos, which was about 15 pds,  I left a lot there


I am 61 and if someone says to me how hard it is for them to start over again I laugh


never say never and never give up,  it is in our DNA to live and go on,  






I would like to thank all those who had been with me in those beginning years and have encouraged me and gave me shoulders to cry on 


hugs to all of you


for those who are new,  listen to the elders