Was It That Long Ago

Blog Post created by karen-lane on Sep 1, 2018

6 years ago  I quit smoking,  I didn't know then what was to come and the unbearable circumstances I would endure without smoking.  I did it and it was hard at times.  


Anyone can do it if they want it bad enough,  it won't be easy.  We do many things in life knowing that it will be painful at times.  


When a woman chooses to have a baby, she knows that it will be painful at the end but what she gets for that pain will be a beautiful little life to care for.


Same as when we choose to quit smoking, it will be painful but at the end we will get a beautiful life to care about, our own


I hope that anyone who reads this will find the courage and the strength to take their lives in hand and be free of the chemicals that are destroying them.




Love to all