Freedom Train

Blog Post created by karen-lane on Feb 18, 2018

Hi everyone, I thought I would drop by to say thanks for all the well wishing and congratulation for my 2000 days.


It has been one hell of a ride lol.


Things move on and people change, we get on with our lives and stop thinking of what was and begin to think of what is and what can be, which  is a much better way of looking at life, we can't do anything about the past anyway.


I will never forget the year that I quit.  2012, the year the world was supposed to end and I would have been really annoyed if that happened lol.  Went through all that and then the world ends lol.


That was also the time they stopped something about the Freedom Train, and that annoyed me because I was coming up for an anniversary when that happened, the person who did it stopped and someone else picked it up, so I was not added the way they were doing it.


Anyway things are ok and maybe my blogs could inspire someone.


Take care