5 Years Ago, What a difference 5 Years Makes

Blog Post created by karen-lane on Aug 31, 2017

Hi everyone, I just saw that I got badges for being quit for 5 years, wow, I honestly didn't remember it at all.

Thanks to all those who did for reminding me of it.

I don't know what to say about it, am I a happier person for it, am I glad of it, I can't say, just that the memory brings up so many issues for me.  

I have to say it has been a challenge and I don't know how I made it.

I don't know how I got through the last five years, I remember all the details of things and the pain of it all, how did I not smoke through any of it.

I just didn't.

I have been and still am sentimental and can cry over the least bit of a thing, today it was over a woman, who I didn't know at all and is dead now, and how she lost the love of her life in WW2.  I didn't know them lol.

Yesterday it was over a photo of a dog on a bridge, they call it the rainbow bridge, the dog glanced back and kept going.

Thankfully no one sees me, it is hard to explain it.  I am sure there are those of you out there that understand this.

Now I see all the people and animals who are struggling with the floods in Tx and now LA.  

Sometimes disasters bring out the best in Humanity, most of them anyway.

There are so many things that are not important in the media, they make big deals over such ridiculous things.

People, children are literally starving in some places, dying of diseases that are treatable.

We smoke these cigarettes and cigars and they are full of chemicals and cause so much disease and illness, that is something we can control, something that is in our hands to do something about, we can't fix the world, but we can help just a little bit of it, even if it is just you.  Imagine how many cigarette butts we don't dispose of when we don't smoke, that is something that helps, not blowing more obnoxious fumes into the air, not exposing another person to smoke, these are small things but something that we can do. no ash, no stinky clothes and cars or curtains, the water you save by not having to clean all these things more than would be necessary, ok maybe the clothes is stretching a little more, they would still need to be washed anyway lol, but other things wouldn't need cleaning as often most likely.

Grey walls and windows, ugh.

Coughing up mucus and then having to spit it out somewhere, having to find a place to do it, and of course that is also a pollutant that can get in the water system.  There are so many revolting side effects from smoking lol.

When we smoke we just take it all for granted, all these things that a non smoker would think is disgusting.

I think they are now.

I don't know where I was going when I started this, but seems it did go somewhere.

Sometimes things just take off on their own.

I don't preach, or make anyone feel bad about anything, just writing for me really.

This is a good place to come to.  People are fantastic here, no trolls lol.

See you around, good luck

Keep the Quit