Still Here

Blog Post created by karen-lane on Apr 19, 2017

Hi Everyone,

Most of you wouldn't know who I am now, but I quit smoking almost 5 years ago (August) and had some really tough things happen during that time, worst ever in my life and it had to happen when I quit, seriously.

I don't smoke, but that doesn't mean that I don't remember it at times, occasionally it will pop up and I think I would like to smoke, I don't though, the feeling soon goes away, but it is there, I don't know if that memory will ever really go away, maybe it will fade with time, it has already, though still at times lol.

Still waiting to sell my house,it is like a white elephant lol

My older son has graduated and then given a spot in university to study for his masters degree, all free, he was a top student and still is. 

He will be doing some translation for the city next week, some mayors from around the world are coming and he is translating for a Governor from Taiwan, he is the highest ranking official coming.  The translation is from Farsi to English.

My younger son has taught himself Japanese, he can speak and read, translate also. I must say that I was shocked at this lol.  Just wish he was that good with his school studies, but as he says you learn what interests you.

I did have a puppy I rescued from the streets, treated her for worms, scabies, flees and saved her from drowning in my pool, she just kept growing, I called her dogzilla, her name was Judy Chan, she contacted distemper and died the day after the second anniversary of my husbands death,  that was heartbreaking.

I miss people and pets, my youth and having a long lifetime ahead of me, or so it seemed when I was young, but now what is a lifetime anyway, it is the length of our life, which can end at any age, so I still have a lifetime ahead of me lol.

I can be an example of how to keep smoke free when faced with terrible tragedies in your life.

It can be done, just depends on how important it is.

Take care everyone

Keep the quit

Love to all