Let's Do The Time Warp Again

Blog Post created by jtheo on May 23, 2018

Time. It is measurable but also a matter of perspective. Why does it feel that time flies when you're having fun? Or, that it drags and feels like the end of the day will never come. 

I'm discovering I have a lot of time now. Trying to fill it is defiantly daunting. I want to keep busy but don't want to exhaust myself either. So how do you learn to readjust to the new "time change"? Move thru the time warp?

With so many choices (read more, exercise, new/renew a hobby, learn a musical instrument)....the possibilities are endless! Let's narrow it down. Do you want to try something new or rekindle a long abandoned passion? Once that is established, pick your poison! For me personally, I love to cook. It went by the wayside because it was hard and not too sanitary to hang in the kitchen with a cigarette dangling from your lips! I also don't want to gain bunches of weight so I started slow. Ordered a subscription to a great magazine that has good healthy options. Got home food delivery to try some new recipes without having to buy a bunch of stuff i may never use again! I researched new ingredients, took a class at my local community college and enjoyed spending time cooking with family and friends. And...it's only been a month!!! So much to do and learn. I've been so busy rediscovering life, I have no time to smoke...wherever did I find the time to smoke? I'm so grateful to be on this journey and have the time to do all the things smoking took away!