Blog Post created by jtheo on May 15, 2018

My first 28 days of freedom I was working a survey crew out of town. My routine was different. Now I'm home. I'm back to my regular routine. Old haunts, feelings, habits. Thoughts bombard me every second. I keep moving. Trying new foods. Working in the yard. Sitting in a different chair watching tv. My kit is always with me (mints, suckers, straws). Then it hits me...like a freight train. YOU DON'T SMOKE!! I take a breath. I come to this site and read. I take a nice shower. I remember I have time now. To slow down. I smell how great it is to be clean...showered...scent of soap, lotion, clean hair. Clean sheets and pillows. A slow walk around the block. Watching the sunset. While craving and memories may distract me...I'm keeping my eye on the prize. I'm grateful to be smoke-free another day!!