I Hear Voices In My Head

Blog Post created by jtheo on May 13, 2018

Psssst...hey you....yeah YOU! Remember us? We used to spend damn near every waking hour together. We were with you thru thick and thin. When you fell in love, had your first heartbreak, your first beer. We had your back during finals, all those late night study sessions. Seeing you into adulthood, the birth of your children, the death of loved ones. 

Why do you ignore us? Other than stealing your hard earned money, taking you away from certain events or burning the occasional shirt/chair/jacket, are you going to hold that against us? The fact you can't breath, or keep up with your grandchildren and your heart is failing is not our concern. We stood with you in the rain and cold. Was it our fault you left to step outside alone? We calmed you, de-stressed you. HEY! WE MADE YOU COOL!!!

That was then.....the new voices tell me how great it is to be alive. They give me another day enjoying my family. They remind me to step back and take a nice clean breath when I stress out. They tell me how proud and grateful they are at the end of a smoke free day. They help me focus on the task at hand instead detracting me with false promises. They do not lie. There is no drama. Only encouragement. They remind me how good food tastes and the earth smells. They teach me patience and fortitude! My life is so much richer with the sound of my new voices   . I don't need voices to tell me cuz I already know.. I MAKE ME COOL!!