Day 12

Blog Post created by jtheo on May 1, 2018

I'm surprised and a bit nervous I've made it this far without major issues. Ever vigilant and aware of my vulnerability, I'm not feeling the usual anger, cravings, irritability I've experienced in past quits. I'm calm, focused, and almost overly jovial! I'm committed to this quit. Reading blogs and questions/answers as often as I can. Daily diary entries as well. I build my toolbox, working scenarios, always running thru my head and how to react in a positive, non-smoking manner. I work on a survey crew so there is a lot of downtime waiting for moving of equipment. I used to smoke A LOT! Today I took time to watch the sun come up, the way the sun glistened off the water, the color of the new spring grass and the way it waved in the breeze. I listened to the birds in the trees, the rustle of mice thru the grass. I smelled farmers turning up the ground, fresh and clean. I feel calm today. It's physical work. Today I didn't huff and puff my way up hillsides and thru creek beds. I'm grateful for another day smoke free!! I'll deal with tomorrow when it comes. Today I was successful and will sleep well knowing that, just for today, I am a non-smoker!! As Scarlet O'Hara once said..."After all, tomorrow is another day."