Thus my journey begins

Blog Post created by jtheo on Apr 19, 2018

I have quit so many times I do believe I've lost track. I started smoking at age 13. I turned 53 in January. That's 40 years of pleasure, pain, joyous occasions, sadness and loss, thousands of miles behind the wheel, everything...I mean everything has been done in my adolescence, teens and adult life with a cigarette in my hand. 

Now is time to end the long bondage to which I have been enslaved. To change my whole way of doing and thinking. To change my whole life really. I did quit once, made it 100 days. Felt very good. Exercised, could breath, had energy too. A major life event, that I was ill-equipped to handle, sent me spiraling back into the abyss.

So here I am. Day one. I have more tools in my box today. I choose not to let coworkers, family, friends know of my new lifestyle. I've been down this road more times to count, the "ya sure...again?", the eyes rolling, the doubt and hesitation...I hate that look. I hate that in their eyes I've failed even before I've started.

Not this time! I'm armed today. Ready to make the changes necessary. To protect my quit at all costs. I'll be here a lot. Reading, learning, sharing and building up my confidence to make this transformation. I've begun a wonderful journey. I'm excited to see where I'll be as I work thru my many stages. The new found freedom of living smoke free!!

Thus, my journey begins.