6 Weeks...

Blog Post created by josnyder72 on Aug 29, 2017

As I was leaving work yesterday, I got my daily text that sends me...I was informed that I have been a part of the program for 6 weeks and my texts are coming to an end....(cue sad face)


I've been so busy counting days instead of weeks.....and saying 42 days really didn't sound like an extensive amount of time, but when I seen it there, in black and white, written (or in this case typed) as 6 brought a smile to my face. Just using that terminology made it sound like I made it (kind of). I mean that's a whole month and a half!


I realize I am still very early in my quit and have just set my right big toe into NML and I really have quite a bit of ways to go and a lot of challenges ahead, but something in that verbiage really made it sound somewhat successful. I am sure I looked quite silly to the drivers next to me as they passed me while I had this weird smile on my face, but I didn't care.....I was celebrating with myself that I have been smoke / nicotine free for a WHOLE 6 WEEKS.... No matter how you count your quit, in hours, days, weeks, etc., anytime you can go to bed at night without giving in to the nicodemon, you've won!