Day 28....Let's Go!!!

Blog Post created by josnyder72 on Aug 14, 2017

I didn't have a chance to blog yesterday (day 27) but there really wasn't much to report. It was a normal Sunday around the Snyder household, getting ready for another work week, another smoke free work week!! But here I am this morning, even though it is a Monday (ugh!), ready to begin my Day 28, 4 WHOLE WEEKS without a cigarette or nicotine. I will hold my head up proud today, I have something to celebrate! Not many I come in contact with today will know or be aware of this milestone, but I KNOW! I AM AWARE! The difference in my breathing, my energy levels and just my attitude in general, is nowhere near where it was just a short 4 weeks ago. I may not have been blogging the entire time, but I have been logged onto this site, and there is no way that I could have gotten this far in my quit without the support of all of you!! So as I celebrate this milestone, let me celebrate those who have taken time out of their day to comment and give their words of wisdom. Sometimes, just that "atta girl" that you give, is all I need to continue. I am almost ready to begin my journey into No Mans Land and have read and re-read what to expect about a million times (Thank you Dale!). I am anxious but excited all at the same time, but I will not get ahead of myself because I still have a few days to go, and I will continue to take this quit one day at a time, just as I have for the last 28 days. There are some moments when it feels longer than that and some moments that feel like I just quit 5 minutes ago, but here I am, PROUD TO BE A QUITTER!! I really could NOT have done it without the love and support of ALL of you. so thank you a million times, THANK YOU! and HERE WE GO!!!