Let's get this day 25 started!!!!

Blog Post created by josnyder72 on Aug 11, 2017

I have tried to keep up with posting daily (recently), not only has it been very therapeutic, it's also a huge part of my day, taking a moment to myself, sitting, breathing and reflecting on the days success.  I also believe re-reading my own posts  may come in handy once I begin my journey through No Mans Land (My Dad was a Boy Scout Leader - BE PREPARED!)....although I did not have a chance to post last evening, I made it through 24 days..It was a crazy evening and for a split moment, I thought it would be so nice to just have a cigarette, but in the same moment almost, that thought was gone and I chuckled to myself for even thinking something like that. So excited to start another smoke free day and it's FRIDAY!!! What could be better??


Have a great day everyone!