Day 23

Blog Post created by josnyder72 on Aug 9, 2017

Now that my day is done and I finally get to sit, relax and reflect on the events of today, I can say that today was a pretty decent and productive day....The cravings were minimal but most of all, I really noticed the difference in my energy levels...24 days ago, I would have come home from work, lit up a smoke and reluctantly, forcing myself with very little  energy, made dinner, wash dishes and done very little else....but today, I left work, got home and decided to mow the grass...and I managed to get through it without having a hard time breathing. I did it without taking a break (I did take a moment to take a drink of water here and there, but then was right back to it). When that was done and cleaned up, I did the dishes (Hubby was kind enough to eat the leftovers we were supposed to have yesterday) and finally am settled in for the evening. Not only am I once again proud that I got through another smoke free day, I really am amazed at the energy levels and ability to breathe that have changed in just 3 weeks....WOW! What a difference!!! What an inspiration to keep going....I can only imagine what I can accomplish once I get to 1 month, 1 year and beyond.....I just wanted to share my epiphany with you all and wish you all a very wonderful evening....